Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Scary Place Indeed

The other day I had an analysis done on my brain* I wanted to know why I couldn't remember such simple things as where I put my stapler but I could recall the entire Parents Day Monologue from City Slickers. ("Value this time in your life kids...") The results were astounding!  My brain matter is 10% random biology facts left over from a useless degree; 15% celebrity gossip; 15% friends and family; 20% food; and 40% movie quotes and trivia.  I'm like Abed from Community.

Recently I've had things I want to say.  Movies I want to discuss in great detail.  TV shows I want to analyze.  But I don't think they fit here.  Melly's Mouthul is where I talk about my undying love for olives and the perfect frosting technique for cupcakes.  It is my glorified recipe book and I like it that way.  I don't want it bogged down with a side by side comparison of which Salvatore Brother I'd rather Elena be with. 

So what is a girl to do? 

Well, I'll tell you what this girl did.  She created a new blog and linked it to this original one.  Join me in an extra special glimpse of this crazy noggin of mine at Melly's Brainful.

*I am exagerating.  I didn't really have an analysis done of my brain. Yet.  

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