Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful for Desserts - Day 2: Camo Cookies

As we approach the holiday season and I pause to think about the things I am thankful for I have to remember our armed services.  Both my grandfathers have been in the military - my American Grandpa was in the Marines during WWII and my Brazilian Vovo retired from the Brazilian Calvary as a Three Star General - and Hubby spent 4 years in the army and so for Veteran's Day this year, I decided to make him a special treat. 

Since Hubby loves my sugar cookies I knew the best way to show him how much I appreciate what he did for our country was in cookie form.  And when I found this cookie one day at Sweet Sugar Belle I knew exactly how the cookie would look.

I started off as I always do with my favorite sugar cookie recipe.  The last time I asked Hubby what flavor I should make them he replied "nomnomthesameasthisonemmmmmm" as he munched on the Baby Shower Cookie Pops I'd made a few weeks ago.  So lemon was clearly the flavor I chose for this batch as well. 

Once they were baked and cooled, I outlined the cookies with tan icing. 

While the outline dried a bit, I made up the rest of my royal icing colors of tan, brown, olive green and dark green and got them to a good flood consistency and poured them into squeeze bottles. 

Side note: Yes, I recently purchased this kit of 12 americolors gel colors, and I've been having a maaaaaaarvelous time playing with them.  Why do you ask? 

Anyways, back to the cookies.  Starting with the lighter colors, randomly add random shapes into the center of the cookie.  I did about 4 random spots for each color in random sizes.  I eventually started making random letter shapes like K or M.  The icing oozes into itself so by the time all the colors are in you can't really see the letters anymore but for me it was an easy way to get a shape other than a blob.  (the secret word of the day is "random")

Next I went back through and added a few random shapes of the light brown.

Next up was the dark green

And finally fill in any remaining blank spots with the dark brown. 

Now just let these dry overnight and they are good to go on their own.  Or you can be like me and never be happy with the easy way of doing things.  I went in and added a dark green border with a small star tip to some of them.  To others I added a white chocolate yellow ribbon.  And still others I left plain. 

Make these and send them to your favorite armed service member today. 

This is MY favorite one:

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