Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pea Pod Cookie Pops

So to recap, we made sugar cookie dough and then we cut it into circle, stuck sticks into them and made cookie pops.  Now it is time to see how I decorated the cookie pops to make favors for a very special baby shower this past weekend.  Why was it more special than your average baby shower?  Easy:

So lets see how these adorable little cookie pops came together.

To start, I made some royal icing.  This time I used Good Housekeeping's recipe from their cookie swap cook book. I then tinted the icing to green, beige, pink and blue and covered the bowls with saran wrap pressed into the frosting to keep it from drying out.

I then outlined the cookies in white using a #3 tip.

Next, I made a pea pod shape outline with the green.  I only have one #3 tip, so this one was done with a #5 tip and I instantly decided I need to buy at least two more #3 tips.  The difference is astounding.

While the outlines dried, I made flood icing by adding water teaspoon by teaspoon into the green, white and beige.  Once you get the frosting to the consistency of Elmer's glue, drape a wet paper towel over the bowl and let it set for 15 minutes.  In this time, all the air bubbles will rise to the top.  When you are ready to fill the cookies, gently stir the flood icing to get rid of the bubbles and then pour it into bottles.

I'm not gonna lie.  I'm still having some problems working out the kinks on making my flood icing the perfect consistency.  I tend to err on the side of not loose enough because I'm so worried it'll be too wet and not dry.

Squeeze out the frosting in the sections you want each color and then spread it to the edges with a toothpick.

When you've filled in the white and green, go back and add the beige as a large dot.  I kind of did a large/close swirly motion to spread the circle large without having to sink a ton of icing into a dot.

Let these dry for about an hour.  The next step is going back and adding the details.  You'll start by putting the pink, blue and some green into piping bags.  The pink and blue I used a #5 tip and the green was a #3 tip.   Little tip, I wet a paper towel and stick it in the bottom of a mug, then I put the bags tip down into the mug to keep the tips from drying out.

To do the pacifiers, I pipe a a small raised dot.  I then decided the heads looked like they were floating (because they were) so I piped a small line/squiggle between the heads and the pods.  Depending on how far the head was from the pod was how wide I made the line.  And finally, I added little vines in the corner of the pods to give them a clear identity - and keep them from looking like green canoes.

Finally, the next day, I added the eyes and smiles with black edible markers.

I considered writing "Its Twins" on each cookie with more edible marker. 

But in the end, I decided it was too cluttered and messy looking (I have horrible hand writing.)  I also tried out drawing a little hair curl on each baby - black for the boy and blond for the girl to match their parents.  But again, I decided it just cluttered things and wasn't really needed.  

The finishing touch was bagging the cookies and tying two skinny ribbons - blue and pink naturally - around the base to make a cute little favor out of them. 

At the party, I arranged the pops in a pretty vase with some glass beads at the bottom.

So cute! These were a huge success.  And the fact that you can freeze the cookies (both iced and uniced) means you can make them way in advance.

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  1. i LOVE that the shoes are just sitting there! :)